Frequently Asked Questions.

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Q. Will the SLD5 unit work with aftermarket ECU's?

A. Yes, nearly every aftermarket ECU has a dedicated tacho output, from a 5 volts to 12 volts square wave signal is perfect to drive the SLD5. 

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Q. Will the SLD5 unit work with wasted spark ignition systems?

A. Yes, most wasted spark ignition systems have a dedicated rev-counter signal. This is ideal to connect to the SLD5 input. If this signal is not available, you can connect the SLD5 input wire to one of the ignition coils and select 2 cylinder mode in the set-up menu. This will ensure the displayed rpm matches the actual rpm when using wasted spark ignition systems as you are only monitoring 2 cylinders.

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Q. Is the unit easy to wire?

A. Yes, simply connect the red wire to a positive supply, blue wire to ground and the green wire to the coil negative terminal. Alternatively, if you can access the rev-counter wiring, it would be better to connect to this. 

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Q. Is the SLD5 easy to mount?

A. Due to the very compact size of the unit, and the fact that all the electronics are in one enclosure, it can be mounted almost anywhere using the self adhesive Velcro square supplied. For a more temporary installation, a large blob of 'Blu tack' also works well.

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Q. Are there two units - one shift light and one rev counter?  That's how it appears from the picture.

A. No, it's all in one unit. The small inset picture simply shows the numerical display located on the top of the SLD5 between the 'up' and 'down' buttons. This display is used during set up and max revs recall.

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