Colour Variations




When we designed this shift light in 1998, only red LED's were bright enough. 

Whilst this is still the case for the 8mm shift LED, the smaller 5mm LEDs are now available in a variety of superbright colours.

In a 'group buy' by the Honda Civic Type R Club (thanks to Carl Jones and previously Richard Rowe), members requested a variety of colour combinations from the White, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Green LEDs offered.

Some of the combinations are shown below. You can select your own combination when placing your order using the 'BUY NOW' button. (See 'Sequential Shift Light' page)

Green,Green,Orange,Orange   Green,Green,Blue,Blue        Yellow,Yellow,Orange,Orange (Obsolete)

Orange,Orange,Blue,Blue            White,White,Blue,Blue        Blue,Blue,Blue,Orange

Green,Orange,Orange,Red                    All Orange                              All Blue

LED Colour Brightness Size
Red 3500mcd 8mm
Red 1000mcd 5mm
Orange 1000mcd 5mm
Green 1000mcd 5mm
Blue 1000mcd 5mm
White 1000mcd 5mm


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